POSTED ON January 26, 2017

Primer: What it Does & Which to Choose

Primer is often an underrated makeup product in the beauty community–but why? For some, primers are necessary. For others, it’s too confusing to choose a primer when there’s a plethora of them. And for most, primer is puzzling and is deemed unnecessary in makeup collections. Here’s why, however, primer might be essential in yours: it […]

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POSTED ON January 11, 2017

How-To: All About False Lashes

Trying to get your lash on lock isn’t the easiest thing to do–with so many lash variations and lash glues, it can get confusing. There’s often little direction on how to apply false lashes, and, perhaps, too much direction by Googling or YouTubing how to apply them. As always, we’re here to help! For those who […]

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POSTED ON December 21, 2016

End of the Year Cleaning: Expiring Makeup Products + Donating Unwanted Items

It’s almost the beginning of the new year–and a new year means a new you. With all of those Christmas gifts, Black Friday sales, and shopping events, it’s time to clean out your beauty closet to make some room for your newly added items. So how can you tell what’s ready to be thrown away […]

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POSTED ON December 2, 2016

Vitamin A: Yay or Nay?

Pictured above: Avene Cleanance Holiday Set When it comes to anti-aging, there seems to be an over abundant amount of ingredients that can be chosen from: peptides, polypeptides, vitamins of all sorts, rose oils, sunflower seed oils, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, alkaline waters, and the list goes on. This often is overwhelming and sometimes even […]

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